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A spectacular MOBA with the characters from Onmyoji


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Apr 16th, 2022

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Onmyoji Arena is a new game developed by NetEase that uses the characters and settings from the RPG Onmyoji. It's a MOBA where you control various Shikigami to fight in ferocious online battles against other players.

In Onmyoji Arena, you'll find incredible production values and gorgeous graphics to represent each and every one of the characters in the game, which takes different bits and pieces from Japanese folklore. Each one also has a different game profile, with the typical standards from the genre like tanks, healers, and DPS. As you play, you'll unlock even more elements.

In terms of gameplay, you can compete in different arenas using the known system of control and destruction of towers scattered around the map. In addition to the classic 5v5 mode, you can also participate in an original 3v3v3 mode where three teams have to try to take control of the center area of the map.

The progression in Onmyoji Area is based on winning combats to get resources to improve each character and level up their abilities. Given that the unlocking of new characters is progressive and in many cases, they rotate, you'll definitely have fun for a good while.
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Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category RPG
Language English
47 more
Author NetEase Games
Downloads 196,107
Date Apr 16th, 2022
Content Rating +12

Older versions

3.107.0 Mar 22nd, 2022
3.106.0 Feb 10th, 2022
3.105.0 Jan 27th, 2022
3.104.0 Jan 26th, 2022
3.102.0 Dec 31rd, 2021
3.99.0 Oct 19th, 2021

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14 reviews


zgdx_chessman icon
zgdx_chessman 9 months ago

I loved and loved this game so much...

naywen icon
naywen 10 months ago

I downloaded but i can't install it

fastbluegorilla43758 icon
fastbluegorilla43758 in 2020

it stops downloading at 60% do not download its a scam.

crizzly icon
crizzly in 2020

this is the best moba ever ????????

fancyredcoconut94644 icon
fancyredcoconut94644 in 2018

can you pls update the english version of this game

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